Friday, August 21, 2020

Riding the Wings of Joy Creativity Playshop

Hello, My name is Sarah Adams, and I am beginning a brand new kind of educational experience for children. 

On October 13th, I will begin a co-creative experience with 3-4 children. The number is small so that I will be able to give a rich stream of my personal attention to the facilitation of each child’s highest joy and also be able to be a resource for each child’s parents as we move through this journey. This is an experiential playshop in which we will be learning how to follow the divine intelligence of our heart’s highest desire in each unfolding now moment. As we follow the thread of our highest joy in every moment, it is like we are learning to ride on the highest wind current available allowing a creative stream of exhileration to move through us in this co-creation. I believe very wonderful things can happen in a space where a child’s joy is put above all else.  This being said, basic skills will naturally be woven through many of our activities. Among the mediums to draw from are dance, visual arts, painting, nature play, co-creating yummy snacks. playing diverse musical instruments, creating songs, guided imagery journeys, story writing, yoga, orignal play and more. The journey begins Tuesday, October 

   The schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and  Friday from 10:00 AM-2:00 P.M.

 The cost is $444/month ( Days and times can be negotiated according to the consensus) 

About Sarah:
Sarah has worked as an elementary and pre-school  general teacher, spanish and music teacher, and as a children’s entertainer. Among her skills are singing, playing guitar and cello, song writing, story creation. She has created music CD’s for adults and children as well as led several children’s summer camps. Sarah's house on Johnson Creek is a garden sanctuary of lush nature providing a beautiful backdrop for connecting with the natural world. Currently she works as a musician and a transformational life coach and joy embassador for children.  
Contact Sarah at 503-679-1399